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Health Insurance

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It is imperative that you take care of yourself, your family, and even your business staff. With the rising costs of hospitalization and medical treatment, having a health insurance policy is essential. Not only does it ease the financial burden, but it also gives you access to the highest quality health care hospitals across the country and beyond. With the Albsig Health Card you will receive medical service in record time in the chosen hospitals or clinics, without the red tape. Albsig Health Insurance Policies are designed to suit every category and need, providing coverage for medical treatment and preventative care through:

  • Individual insurance
  • Expenses for medical medications
  • Insurance of family members
  • Collective insurance

Each Health Insurance policy covers the costs of medical treatments from diseases and unexpected accidents, as well as offers an annual Check Up for each category and insurance package.


Albsig Health Insurance suits every need and financial capability with the following:

Basic Packages

  • Albsig Economic (Coverage up to 10,000 Euros per year)
  • Albsig Basic (Coverage up to 20,000 Euros per year)
  • Albsig Standard (Coverage up to 25,000 Euros per year)

Premium Packages

  • Albsig Superior (Coverage up to 30,000 Euros per year)
  • Albsig Silver (Coverage up to 50,000 Euros per year)

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