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The condition of the roads, heavy traffic, weather changes, etc., are the causes of unforeseen damage from which no one is safe. On the other hand, damages are quite expensive if no one guarantees their coverage, therefore, by getting KASKO Insurance, you can insure your vehicle from any unforeseen disaster. If you have signed a contract on KASKO insurance, Albsig guarantees you compensation for material damage caused to your vehicle in the event of a traffic accident even when you are the one who caused the accident. Albsig, through the KASKO Motor Vehicle Insurance policy, offers insurance coverage related to the loss – total or partial damage of the motor vehicle as a result of various risks, guaranteeing compensation in record time and repair in specialized services.


  • Accidental damages
  • Broken windows
  • Zjarr-Rrufe-Eksplozion
  • Fire-Lightning-Explosion
  • Natural disasters
  • Parking damages
  • Theft
  • Tow truck transport
  • International Insurance
  • GPS service

Equipping your vehicle with GPS.

By equipping your vehicle with GPS, you will be able to monitor your vehicle in detail.

  • The hours on or off of the Vehicle or Generator;
  • The itinerary of the vehicle;
  • The route covered by the vehicle during each time interval;
  • Kilometers covered for each start-stop of the vehicle;
  • Idle time (the time the vehicle stays on without moving for more than 5 min);
  • Kilometers covered for a day, week, and month or for any interval you want;
  • Geofencing (areas allowed for vehicle movements);
  • Vehicle maintenance (when to change the oil, filters, tires, when the insurance runs out, inspection, etc.)

Information in record time about your vehicle in case of theft

  • When the vehicle moves with the engine off;
  • When the vehicle exceeds the speed limit;
  • When the vehicle leaves the coverage area;
  • In cases where the vehicle is involved in an accident;
  • Stays for a long time with the engine running without moving;

The benefits of having GPS.

  • Saving fuel costs;
  • Safety of your vehicle/personnel;
  • Kur mjeti del nga zona e mbulimit;
  • You will be notified if the vehicle leaves the permitted area (parking lot, warehouse, etc.), when the vehicle is moving with the engine off, when the vehicle is involved in an accident, etc.;
  • Reduction of transport costs;
  • Increases driving efficiency and performance, reducing the possibility of abuse.

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