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Sigurimi i Garancise së Ofertës


It is extremely important that public procurement tenderers ensure that the companies participating in the tender have the financial capacity to execute the contract. It may happen that the winner of a tender is not really able to fulfill the contract for lack of financial resources. Albsig offers the mandatory guarantee insurance for public procurement tenders, protecting you from the risks that come as a result of the violation of your requirements by providing the Offer Guarantee Insurance for the companies participating in the tender.


  • Solve the problem of mutual distrust between the two parties to a transaction by facilitating the process.
  • Relieve financial pressure.
  • Refusal to sign the procurement contract.
  • Eliminate problems and costs arising from litigation.


  • Withdrawal or change of bid before or after the submission deadline.
  • Refuzimi i nënshkrimit të kontratës së prokurimit.
  • Refusal to sign the procurement contract.
  • Failure to submit the contract security when the bid is declared the winner, or failure to meet the conditions before signing the contract.
  • Return of any monetary value paid in the event of forfeiture of the bid security value.

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